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7 Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

Today we’d like to share an awesome list of 7 recipes for delicious ice cream sandwiches. Because for most of us, ice cream is the biggest guilty pleasures ever! Even during the winter when temperatures are nearly freezing lots of us dare to indulge ourselves with one of our favorite ice cream flavors.


Homemade Peach Ice Cream

If we buy an ice cream maker to cook homemade ice cream, we will be overjoyed. Delicious fresh ice cream made from wholesome, natural products will always be available. Today we will try another kind of ice cream with a rich peach flavor. Yummy!! Only 3 ingredients! Ingredients for Homemade Peach Ice Cream Ripe Peaches: […]


Yogurt Ice Cream with Cinnamon and Cranberries

It is becoming increasingly popular in many European countries, Italy in particular, to eat healthy ice cream on the basis of yogurt. Therefore, almost all cities have Yogurteria, where you can try fresh and frozen yogurt, side by side with Gelateria, which sell traditional ice cream. It is very simple and easy to cook such […]


Cappuccino Ice Cream with Chocolate

Espresso with milk embodied in ice cream is a fragrant, delicate dessert that pleases everyone. It is popular even with those who are indifferent to coffee. Moreover, if you serve it with chocolate and whipped cream, it will be a fabulously tasty treat. Ingredients for Cappuccino Ice Cream Milk: 2 cups. Espresso powder 1 tbsp […]


Lemon Ice Cream Recipe

Stunningly delicious Italian ice cream with intense lemon fragrance and delicate sweet-sour texture. Everyone who loves lemons will enjoy this delicacy. Worth noting that the lemons for this ice cream is better to take organic (bio) that grow without pesticides. We have developed a kind of addiction, being constantly hungry for this ice cream, it […]


The Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese Recipe

This is a tasty ice cream which gets its unique flavor from the cream cheese mascarpone. Due to its high fattiness the cheese gives the ice cream a wonderfully tender taste, a pleasant texture and softness. Ingredients for Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese 10% Cream: 200 ml. Mascarpone cheese 200 gr. Dark chocolate: 200 gr. […]


The Recipe for Yoghurt Ice Cream with Blueberry

Dietetic kinds of ice cream made from natural products are in these days. This kind of ice cream is liked by all who take care of their health and their children’s health too. This tender ice cream made from yoghurt, milk and fresh berries can become your favorite goodie. Ingrediente for Yoghurt Ice Cream with […]


The Recipe for Milk and Currant Ice Cream

This double-layer ice cream is made from natural products, which makes it a deal better than a ready-made one. Sweet milk ice-cream combined with flavorful sour-tasting black currant sorbet boasts an inimitable taste and makes a good refreshment. Ingredients for Milk Ice Cream Milk: 1 liter. Milk powder: 150 gr. Condensed milk: 100-150 ml. Cornstarch: […]


Making Strawberry Ice Cream

This recipe will help you make most delicious, flavorful and soft strawberry ice cream. It is as wholesome as it is tasty because there are no artificial additives. It will be liked by both adults and kids. This cold goodie is a perfect treat! Ingredients for Strawberry Ice Cream 2 lb strawberry 5 glasses milk […]


Making Milk Ice Cream

What can be more welcome on a hot summer day than tasty ice cream! Here’s the simplest recipe for home-made milk ice cream that won’t take you long to make. There is no doubting that home-made ice cream is better than the one you buy – it has no taste additives and artificial preservatives. Ingredients […]


The Banana Ice Cream Treat!

Give a chance to a flavorful ice cream made from bananas and milk. You will be delighted with its tender delicate taste – moreover, home-made ice cream is more wholesome and delicious by far than one made at a factory which contains chemical additives. Ingredients for Banana Ice Cream 2 lb bananas juice of 1 […]


Making Ice Cream from Yoghurt with Raspberry

Here’s a dietetic ice cream from natural products that will appeal to everybody who cares for their health and shape, and at the same time, indulge in small pleasures. This snow-white ice cream from non-fat yoghurt and milk stands a good chance to become your favorite treat once you try it. Ingredients for Ice Cream […]


The Recipe for Almond Milk Ice Cream

Ice cream remains an undisputed leader among summertime favorite treats. This sweet, tender and cold goodie is just right on a hot day. Here is another recipe of a home-made ice cream. It doesn’t require cream or eggs and yet comes out tender and delicious, without icy grains. Ingredients for Almond Milk Ice Cream 2 […]


The Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

It’s a warm season, and the popularity of cold treats is growing fast. But when one starts reading the labels of factory-produced ice cream one sees nothing but trans fats, palm oil and a string of chemical additives. But it won’t do to buy treats that are so harmful. So the best bet is to […]