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We are Lena and Alfredo, and we have a Russian-Italian family. We adore cooking. Lena likes cooking just since she was a child, her mother and grandmother taught her preparing a lot of dishes. And Alfredo has traveled a lot – he visited many countries and entire Italy – in this way he created a collection of original recipes including dishes from both the hot South and the cool North of Italy. He knows all the particularities of Italian food very well and is now learning the Russian way of cooking successfully.

Sometimes we argue about how to prepare this or that dish, but we always come to a reasonable agreement. All recipes you find on our site are created by ourselves. We compose recipes, prepare all the dishes with our own hands and then take photos of the dishes and the ingredients. Sometimes we make the recipes up, improvise and create something new and then, of course, we eat all this.

We have all the photos of foods and ingredients, which you will find on our site, in large resolution and good quality, so everyone can buy any of them.

We try to describe not only the recipes, but also the health benefits of these or that foods, as full-fledged and balanced nutrition has a significant effect on your life quality, you health and the health of your family and friends. We try to share new recipes of healthy food, new articles on the health benefits of various foods and diets and also the latest studies in this sphere. These days healthy way of life has become popular – so, follow the news and visit out site often, we’ll keep you informed.

If case you have any question about how to prepare this or that dish, how to combine various foods, their health benefits; if you would like to share your unique recipe of a dish or a drink with us, if you are interested in advertising on this site or you just want to share your opinion about a particular recipe or the site, feel free to leave your comments or contact us via the contact form.

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Lena and Alfredo.

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