EggplantsThe eggplant, aubergine or brinjal were brought to Europe from Eastern India. This vegetable have become known to the Western world in the 8th-9th century. The aubergine is a perennial plant of the nightshades family. There exist several varieties of the eggplant. Buying eggplants, you should give preference to young eggplants with a thin peel, because they have few seeds. Eggplants are effective in the treatment of atherosclerosis, it reduces the blood cholesterol level, sometimes even by 50 percent. This vegetable stimulates the excretion of excess fluid and, thus, improves the cardiac performance, which proves the high dietary value of the eggplant.

  • Eggplants are very beneficial to old people. They are recommended to get rid of edemas caused by the low cardiac performance, and podagra.
  • Nutritionists recommend to include eggplant dishes to the diet of those suffering from kidney and liver diseases.
  • Due to copper and iron, eggplants stimulate blood formation, this is why eggplant dishes are recommended to pregnant women and those suffering from anemia.

Though eggplants are not very rich in vitamins, they contain a balanced complex of microelements, pro-vitamin A, vitamins В1, В2, B6, B9, С, Р, PP, there are also biologically active substances, which have a positive effect on cardiovascular system and kidneys.

Eggplants also contain cellulose, organic acids stimulating the secretion of gastrointestinal tract and pectins which decongest the gall bladder and prevent atherosclerosis.

Due to the low content of carbohydrates, eggplants are not rich in calories and are also good for those fighting against excess weight and suffering from insular diabetes.