BasilBasil is a tropic spice aromatic plant, which is said to originate in South Asia. It was brought to Europe in the 16th century. Its fragrant smell attracted attention of Europeans and gained their affection.

Basil was reputed a spice worthy of kings’ attention. This plant has either green or violet leaves.

Basil essential oil is bactericidal. Basil is also eaten to get rid of spasms and flatulence.

  • Basil kills many kinds of pathogenic animalcules, stimulates the appetite.
  • Basil contains Vitamin P and provitamin A, stimulates digestion and immunodefence.
  • Basil also stimulates cardiac performance.
  • Basil calms the nervous system.

Basil is widely used fresh and dry. It used to be called the royal herb. Its top has a nice smell and a good taste. The qualities of Basil show themselves gradually – at first it has a slightly bitter taste and then it gives a sweetish smack. It is used for the preparation of soups, meat courses, vegetarian courses, especially with haricot, beans, tomatoes, spinach.

As spicery young sprouts of Basil are more valuable when they are fresh. Today Basil is associated with Italian cooking. It can be very well combined with tomatoes, olive oil, cheese, green vegetables, eggs, salads, fish, pizza and sauces for pasta.