Our Cappuccino

How we Cook Cappuccino. Video

We start every morning with a cup of aromatic cappuccino with thick milk foam, which tastes so delicious when eaten with a spoon.

And if you sprinkle large cane sugar over it, you will hear funny crisping on the teeth, and your bliss will be unlimited.

A coffee machine Gaggia is used to prepare this delicacy. Along with ground coffee, you can use coffee beans in it, as it has a built-in grinder. A coffee machine cooks espresso which is used to prepare cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato.

Cappuccino is cooked with a special device called cappuchinator, which can whisk silky thick foam while warming milk.

Our Cappuccino

Our Cappuccino

Note: By The Way, Italians drink cappuccino in the morning only. Drinking cappuccino at other times, it is considered bad manners.

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