Coffee News

Here’s good news for coffee drinkers from the US. A recent study at the National Cancer Institute looked into harmful or salubrious properties of coffee.

400,000 volunteers ranging from 50 to 70 in age participated in the research. They were divided into groups of those who do not drink coffee at all and those who have up to 6 cups per day.

The researchers concluded that coffee helps preserve health in many ways; moreover, it can prolong quality life, that is, life without any serious diseases. Coffee drinkers are even less prone to injuries, accidents, bouts of depression and going down with infections.

It is linked with better brain functioning, a clearer mind, a sharper eyesight, and the ability for a quicker response. This positive effect on health has been brought down to a large content of antioxidants in coffee.

Nevertheless doctors urge to avoid overindulgence and drink coffee in moderation going by your body reactions.


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