Wine Extends Life Expectancy

Red grape wine undoubtfully tops the list of the healthiest foods on the Earth, as its complex of unique antioxidants is capable to slow down cell aging process throughout all the systems of our body. Every new day more health benefits of wine are discovered by scientists.

American and French researchers mutually found out curious facts about wine. The recent research that focused on evaluating metabolism rate among a large group of volunteers confirmed that some wine consumed during a meal diminishes the negative influence of fatty food by splitting fats and lipids.

Grape wine contains a lot of resveratrol, an antioxidant that prevents the formation of blood clots and adherence of bad cholesterol to vascular walls which, at the same time, maintains their elasticity thereby prolonging our lives.

Moderate drinking of red wine stimulates the formation of blood within the bone marrow, protects from anemia development and all anemia-related malfunctions. Besides, wine improves iron absorption from consumed food.

It has always been considered that only dry wines possess the most effective healing properties. But the recent chromatographic analysis has proved that sweet and semi-sweet wines contain much more polyphenolic compounds, which are referred to as anticancer substances, and their antioxidant properties are equal to those of dry wines.

Note: The appropriate amount of natural grape wines, which you can drink daily without harm to health is between 5 and 9 ounces.
Grape Wine

Grape Wine