Pumpkins and Carrots Are Effective Against Aging and Cancer

Pumpkins and carrots may be the tastiest means for the body’s immune system to put up defense against cancer and aging. It is due to carotenoids which are closely linked with the prevention of cell aging, the development of colon, lung, prostate gland, and breast cancer.

It is much healthier to get carotenoids from natural foods instead of absorbing them from dietary supplements since carotenoids in the tabloid form don’t possess quite the same protective properties as scientists used to believe. Actually, it is true for many foods having bright yellow, orange and red coloring. As a rule they are healthier than biologically active additives.

Though many people eat pumpkin only in pumpkin pies it can also be used for preparing many other dishes including sauces, soups, fruitcakes, desserts. You can add pumpkins and carrots into the bread you bake. You can use carrot not only when making tasty salads. You can also use it to make patties, baked puddings, dumplings, pies. Carrot can be added to practically any dish.

The general cue when you’re looking for anticancer foods is look for bright colors. Look at colorful fruits and vegetables such as pomegranates, tomatoes, eggplants, grapes, sweet cherries. The brighter and richer in pigment they are the higher is the level of the nutrients protecting you. Cancer experts urge to eat vegetable dishes all year long. It is the best way to diminish your cancer risk and stay young.

Pumpkins and Carrots Are Rich with Carotin

Pumpkins and Carrots Are Rich with Carotin