Health Benefits of Red Wine

Red WineGrape wine is produced by fermentation of grape juice. There are white, rose and red sorts of wine. Red wines, according to doctors, are the healthiest. Scientists claim that the health benefits of red wine are linked to its high content of tannins and resveratrol, antioxidants that bind active oxygen forms and slow down oxidation processes that damage our cells and tissues. Naturally, the antioxidants are found in the seeds and skin of grapes. As wine is being produced, the concentration of these substances is growing, reaching substantial levels in final product.

It is said that French wines are richer in antioxidants than other wines, at least, among European wines. Studies show that in those regions of France where people eat a lot of fatty food but drink red wine there is lower rate of cardiovascular diseases compared to the regions with the same diet elsewhere. Scientists say that moderate wine-drinkers enjoy better health. But it’s crucial to know where enough is enough. The French say it’s enough to drink a glass of red wine every day to stay energetic and healthy. And the French mean it because they are top wine-drinkers in Europe.

  • Those who regularly drink wine in moderate quantities have less heart problems. As continued studies show, there is lower percentage of strokes, atherosclerosis and other blood vessel disorders among moderate wine-consumers.
  • Procyanidols in wine – given moderate consumption –protect our blood vessels. Besides, they protect the walls of arteries from atherosclerosis and maintain their penetrability, preventing cholesterol deposits.
  • Wine works as a sedative and this plays an important role in our stressful life. Wine is also good for digestion. It provokes appetite and helps detox the body.
  • Red wine is not simply tasty beverage, it is choke full of healthful elements such as antioxidants known as flavonoids that have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.
  • New studies found that drinking 100 ml of red wine every day could help protect you from heart diseases, cancer and even neuralgia.
  • Experts claim flavonoids found in wine help to remove cholesterol.

The smart way of drinking wine is sipping, relishing the divine’s taste of this beverage. Only moderate consumption will gain you health. Danish scientists claim that moderate-wine drinkers have a longer life span than those who drink vodka, beer and even longer than abstainers. Below is recommended daily wine consumption: no more than 200 ml for woman; no more than 300 ml for men. Reasonable drinking of wine will always promote health and, of course, satisfaction. Don’t forget that red wine with bitter chocolate help extend lifespan. Red wine cures asthma, slows down ageing process, protects from cancer and strokes. So drink and enjoy this gorgeous beverage. But don’t drink too much. Remember that only moderate consumption will be healthy.