Chocolate is Healthy for Brain

ChocolateAmerican scientist issued the results of latest studies saying that chocolate promotes brain activity. They found that flavanols in chocolate improved brain blood flow.

The study showed people who ate chocolate for fourteenth straight days experienced the increase in blood flow to the brain by 10%.

This is good news for people who had a stroke. Moderate consumption of chocolate will help maintain good memory and improve intellectual abilities. In case you’ve suffered a stroke, chocolate will aid quicker recovering.

Note: Flavanols and their derivatives flavonoids are the group of organic compounds with strong antioxidant properties. They strengthen the immune system and ease convulsions. Flavonoids are also used in treatment of disorders related to permeability of capillary and other blood vessels Dark chocolate that contains 75% of cocoa and more is the richest source of flavonoids.
Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate