Strawberry Swiss Roll

Strawberry Swiss Roll Recipe

It is a gentle and delicious roulade filled with butter cream…
Orange and Chocolate Truffles

Orange and Chocolate Truffles

The taste of oranges and chocolate complement each other so well…
Prickly Pear

What is Prickly Pear and Why it is Useful

Prickly pear or Barbary fig, in Italian is Fico d'India- Indian…
Italian Croissants Cornetti with Quince Jam

Italian Croissants Cornetti with Quince Jam

Coffee and Cornetti constitute a traditional Italian breakfast.…
Linzer Cookies

The Linzer Cookies Recipe

The cookies were named after the Austrian city of Linz. It was…
Ingredients for Strawberry Jam

The Recipe for Strawberry Jam

Strawberry is in now, there is a lot of it selling and the prices…
Ingredients for Crescent Rolls

The Recipe for Crescent Rolls with Plum Jam and Nuts

Treat your nearest and dearest (and yourself!) to nice crescent…
Ingredients for Buns in Cream

The Recipe for Buns in Cream

Buns in cream are made in Austria (Buchteln) and Bavaria (Rohrnudeln)…
Ingredients for Sachertorte

The Recipe for the Classic Sacher Chocolate Cake (the Sachertorte)

The history of the legendary cake with apricot jam takes us back…
Ingredients for Quince Marmalade

The Recipe for Quince Marmalade

Late fall is the season for quince. This fruit is hard, but very…

Baked Apples in Puff Pastry Recipe

It's always fun to bake fruits in crispy puff pastry. This unfailingly…

Recipe for Strawberry Jam Filled Honey Gingerbreads

Gingerbread is a traditional cake of Russian cuisine. There are…

Strawberry Pie

This pie is made from shortcrust pastry and is very liked by…