Baked Apples in Puff Pastry Recipe

It’s always fun to bake fruits in crispy puff pastry. This unfailingly makes nice and yummy desserts. We baked apples stuffed with apricot jam. The taste was awesome! So we couldn’t wait to share this delicious recipe with you. Feel free to substitute apples with large plums, pears or peaches. If you don’t feel like fusing in the kitchen, you can buy premade frozen puff pastry. But it’s important to remember that this kind of pastry has unhealthy margarine in it. So if you want your dessert healthy, you’ll need to spend some time making homemade pastry.

Ingredients for Puff Pastry

  • 0.7 lb flour
  • 0.5 lb butter
  • 0.1 pt white dry wine
  • 0.25 pt water
  • salt and sugar to taste
  • flour for sprinkling

Ingredients for Filling

  • 6-7 apples
  • 100 g apricot jam
Ingredients for Baked Apples in Puff Pastry

Ingredients for Baked Apples in Puff Pastry

Cooking Instructions

    1. Combine flour,  water and wine,  add sugar and salt.
    2. Knead until pliable. Add more flour if needed.
    3. Roll out a very thin layer and rub it with butter.
    4. Fold into envelope shape and roll out a thin layer again. Rub with butter again. Repeat the process of rolling out and rubbing 5-6 times until the butter is fully absorbed.
    5. Then form a bar and place the dough in a fridge for 2 hours. Meanwhile, make the filling.
    6. Wash apples and scoop out the cores. Stuff each apple with two tablespoonfuls of jam.
    7. Now cut the dough bar into about 2-inch-thick slices. Then roll these slices into squares, cutting off uneven edges. Dough scraps will be used to fix the dough on top. Make sure the squares are large enough to wrap apples in them.
    8. Wrap each apple and fix with dough scraps on top.
    9. Arrange the apples on a butter-coated baking sheet.
Apples in Puff Pastry on a Baking Sheet

Apples in Puff Pastry on a Baking Sheet

    1. Place in a well pre-heated oven for 30-40 minutes. Adjust temperature so the crust in not burned and apples are evenly and well baked. To make sure, start baking at 356 degrees (180 C). When the crust is brownish, reduce the temperature to 300-320 degrees (150-160 C).
    2. Sprinkle baked apples with sugar powder and vanilla.
    3. Garnish with fresh mint branches and serve.
Baked Apples in Puff Pastry

Baked Apples in Puff Pastry