What Is Unhealthy About Margarine Foods?

MargarineThere has been said a lot about unhealthy effects of manufactured foods. After a series of reliable scientific studies revealed utterly negative impact of hydrogenated fats on human health, their use in foods drew scorching criticism. Today, hydrogenated fats are extensively used in mayonnaises, margarines, custards and in a variety of premade foods.

At first, when people invented ways to hydrogenate liquid vegetable oils into solid substances, no one thought of unhealthy implications. The advantages of margarine over natural butter were heavily promoted. Press media, radio and TV trumpeted margarine was cholesterol-free and vitamin-rich. Doctors and dieticians advertised margarine as being absolutely healthy. And only now we’ve seen the nonsense of all those claims and recommendations.

Hydrogenation takes place at very high temperatures (up to 400 F) and results in addition of hydrogen to vegetable oils, which converts unsaturated fats to saturated ones. Now scientists have provided evidence that hydrogenated fats cause drastic disorders of entire cardiovascular system. With all right we could label them killer fats.

Scientists claim the way saturated fats function in our body may lead to atherosclerosis, strokes, cancer, obesity and even sudden death. With developed fast-food industry known for its extensive use of margarines, America was fist to hit by obesity plague and increasing cases of premature deaths from heart attacks and stokes. The tendency is mostly observed among those who consume a lot of foods rich in margarine.

Do you want to stay healthy? Do you care about the health of your family? Then you have to reduce the consumption of hydrogenated fats to the minimum. If a label says the product contains hydrogenated oil, it means another name for unhealthy saturated fats. Manufacturing companies do this trick because many people now became aware of harmful effects of saturated fats.

Note: Try to stay away from fast-food restaurants like McDonalds with their margarine stinking kitchens and hamburgers full of saturated fats. It would be also wise to avoid premade foods like frozen fish sticks, ravioli, puff pasty and all deep fat fried foods. All store-bought bakery goods – from cakes and cupcakes to biscuits and cookies – also contain hydrogenated oil. Chips and mayonnaises are choke-full of hydrogenated fats, too. All these foods are extremely unhealthy and have to be avoided.