Ingredients for Coconut Cookies

How to Make Coconut Cookies

This is a recipe for soft cookies with a pleasant tropical flavor…
Mimosa Cake

The Recipe for Mimosa Cake

In Italy it is a cake that is made against March 8, for this…
Ingredients for Angel Cake

The Recipe for Angel Cake

This sponge cake is so tender and air-light that it appears like…
Ingredients for Custard

The Custard Recipe

This cream can be used for making éclairs, profiteroles, cakes…

Making Ukrainian Donuts Pampushky

Ukrainian donuts, originally called Pampushky, belong to traditional…
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Let’s Make a Gingerbread House

Many children will be interested and excited if you suggest they…
Ingredients for Cookies Alfajores

The Recipe for Argentine Cookies Alfajores

It is a kind of cookies which is very popular in Latin American…
Madeleine Cookies

The Recipe for Madeleine Cookies

Give a try to soft French cookies known as the Madeleine cakes.…
Ingredients for Fish Dumplings

How to Make Fish Dumplings

Today we made dumplings with salmon and cod and served them with…
Most Expensive Golden Chocolate Cake

The Most Expensive Chocolate Cake

Arab Emirates cooks from a Dubai café Bloomsbury came up with…
Ingredients for Pancakes with Nutella

The Recipe for Pancakes with Nutella

Pancakes is one of favorite dough dishes in many parts of the…
Ingredients for Puff Yeast Paste and Croissants

How to Make Puff Yeast Paste and Bake Croissants

Soft and flavorful croissants can be found on the breakfast table…
Ingredients for Crescent Rolls

The Recipe for Crescent Rolls with Plum Jam and Nuts

Treat your nearest and dearest (and yourself!) to nice crescent…
Ingredients for Oat Pancakes

Try Oat Pancakes with Tangerine Confit and Berries

This recipe will allow you to make pancakes that will be liked…
Ingredients for Buckwheat Pancakes

The Recipe for Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes are traditional in Russia where they have…