Ingredients for Potato Pies

The Recipe for Potato Pies

This is the very recipe for those who like soft pies. The thing…
Ingredients for Famous Kiev Patty Cakes

Making Famous Chicken Kiev

The popular Chicken Kiev supreme are made from chicken breast…
Ingredients for Pork Chop

The Recipe for Pork Chop Made Italian Way

Pork Chops are liked for being a whole piece of meat. In Italy…
Ingredients for Liver Patties

The Liver Patties Recipe

Today we baked patties with liver. We had chicken liver, but…
Ingredients for Puff Buns with Poppy

The Recipe for Puff Buns with Poppy

Treat yourself to unbelievably tender puff buns with poppy. This…
Ingredients for Leek Stuffed with Meat

The Recipe for Leek Stuffed with Meat

This dish is off-center and easy to make. There’s no way not…
Ingredients for Stuffed Chicken Necks

The Stuffed Chicken Necks Recipe

This is a Jewish dish. The skin from chicken necks is stuffed…
Ingredients for Potato Pancakes

Fried Potato Pancakes, aka Latkes, aka Potato Flapjacks, aka Draniks

This is a dish that is very popular in Byelorussia, Ukraine,…
Fresh Sardines

The Recipe for Fried Sardines “Indorate”

This tasty small fish comes out crunchy and flavorful if you…
Ingredients for Jamaican Banana Pancakes

The Recipe for Jamaican Banana Pancakes

If you have ripe bananas at home you can make a delicious treat…
Ingredients for Pisco Sour Cocktail

Mixing the Pisco Sour Cocktail

Pisco Sour is one of the most popular cocktails in Peru and Chili,…
Ingredients for Crêpe Suzette

The Crêpe Suzette Recipe

The distinctive feature of French Crêpes Suzette is that pancakes…
Ingredients for Potato Vareniki

How to Make Potato Vareniki

Vareniki is the Ukraine’s national dish that became popular…
Ingredients for Puree Soup for Children

Puree Soup for Children of 4 Months and Over

It is a tasty and nourishing puree soup that can be given to…
Ingredients for Puree Soup for Children

Leerfish Patties Recipe

Leerfish is a tasty fish belonging to the family of queenfishes.…