Seafood & Fish Recipes

Fish sole

Pan-fried Fish Sole

Sole is a fish belonging to a flatfish group. It is dark gray…
Ingredients for Canapes with Ricotta

The Recipe for Canapes with Ricotta and Anchovy Paste

If you have dry pieces of baguette left, you can turn them into…
Ingredients for Tuna in Tomato Sauce

How to Make Tuna in Tomato Sauce

Here is a simple but tasty dish. You can serve it with bread…
Ingredients for Octopus Carpaccio

How to Make Octopus Carpaccio

Carpaccio is usually served as a main dish or as a hors d’oeuvre.…
Ingredients for Philadelphia Rolls

Let’s Make Philadelphia Rolls

Philadelphia rolls are popular for a delicious mixture of salmon,…
Ingredients for Sushi with Smoked Salmon

Making Sushi with Smoked Salmon

Sushi is a world-famous dish that originates from Japan. In the…
Ingredients for Polenta with Salmon

The Recipe for Polenta with Salmon and Zucchini

The combination of the tastes of soft polenta with stewed zucchini,…
fish into the marinade

The Recipe for Steamed Spicy Anchovy

Anchovy, little fat fish, is customarily fried in Italy. But…
Potato salad with tuna, olives and gherkins

Potato salad with tuna, olives and gherkins

Here’s the recipe for a delicious salad with boiled potatoes,…
Ingredients for Steamed Salmon with Rosemary

The Steamed Salmon with Rosemary Recipe

This dish will be appreciated by everybody who likes wholesome…
Ingredients for Sauté with Clams

How to Make White Sauté with Clams

These bivalve clams with beautiful shells and tasty thick flesh…
Ingredients for Gnocchi with Salmon

Potato gnocchi with salmon and cream sauce

Gnocchi are dumplings. You can buy gnocchi or make them yourself.…
Ingredients for Steamed Spicy Mackerel

How to Make Steamed Spicy Mackerel

Steamed dishes are the most salubrious, although there are people…
Ingredients for Marinated Fried Eel

How to Make Marinated Fried Eel

Conger eel is a veritable gourmet food. If you cook it by this…
Ingredients for Artichokes Stuffed with Tuna

The Recipe for Artichokes Stuffed with Tuna And Olives

The bottom part of artichokes is used in this recipe, the part…