Seafood & Fish Recipes

Ingredients for Fish with Vegetables

How to Make Fish with Vegetables

This recipe is known by two names – Marinated Fish and Fish…
Ingredients for Sea Snails in White Wine

The Sea Snails with Parsley and Garlic in White Wine Recipe

Sea snails belong to gastropod mollusks. There are several kinds…
Pasta Pappardelle with Sea Cocktail

The Recipe for Pasta Pappardelle with Sea Cocktail

The pappardelle broad noodles go marvelously with rich sauces.…
Ingredients for Oven-Baked Salmon with Potatoes

The Oven-Baked Salmon with Potatoes Recipe

This recipe for salmon baked in the oven with potatoes, tomatoes…
Ingredients for Pasta with Radicchio and Salmon

The Recipe for Bigoli Pasta with Radicchio and Salmon

Late autumn and winter is the season for red leaf chicory which…
Ingredients for Salmon Rolls with Caviar

How to Make Salmon Rolls with Red Caviar

Smoked salmon rolls always look great on the table, and of course,…
Ingredients for Scallops Sauté

The Sea Scallops Sauté Recipe

Sauté belongs with the dishes that can be made quickly. The…
Ingredients for Pasta with Sauce from Zucchini

Pasta with Sauce from Zucchini, Salmon and Philadelphia

This dish is very easy to make but you will be charmed with the…
Ingredients for Pasta with Mussels

The Recipe for Pasta with Mussels and Chickpea

This dish is good for a nice family dinner or supper. Pasta with…
Ingredients for Fried Surmullet

How to Make Fried Red mullet

This pink-fleshed smallish fish is regarded to be a base for…
Ingredients for Canapés with Red Caviar

Making Canapés with Red Caviar and Quail Eggs

You don’t have to spend a lot of time when you want to make…
Ingredients for Sauce with Mussels

The Sauce with Mussels Recipe

A combination of some products can make some unbelievably delicate…
Ingredients for Mediterranean Salad with Farfalle

Mediterranean Salad with Farfalle, Tuna and Mozzarella

Salads with pasta can make a good dinner or supper, especially…
patella or patellidi

The Recipe for Linguine Pasta with Mollusks

When swimming in the sea in the morning we picked up many shells…
Ingredients for Sardines in Spiced Salt

Sardines in Spiced Salt

How does one salt fish at home? Usually fat fish is salted, like…