Pies with Apples

How to Make Pies with Apples

This dough can be used for all kinds of pies, but we prefer to…
Almond Christmas Stollen

Making Almond Stollen for Christmas

Christmas traditions run very strong in Germany. Probably the…
eggs with sugar

The Chocolate Fondant Recipe

Fondant au chocolat - this is a special kind of chocolate cake…
Chocolate ice cream in the bowl of ice cream machine

The Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese Recipe

This is a tasty ice cream which gets its unique flavor from the…
Put on the dough with a spoon

Making Coco Pancakes

These soft pancakes (fritters or flapjacks) can make a nutritious…
Ingredients for Milk Choc Ice

Milk Choc Ice

When it’s hot, home-made ice cream is the very thing to enjoy. The…
Mint Syrup

The Mint Syrup and Mint Milk Recipe

When it’s as hot as is now, we enjoy drinking cold skim milk…
Flour with butter and crumbs

The Napoleon Cake Recipe

Napoleon - is a tender Russian cake consisting of very thin layers…
milk ice-cream

The Recipe for Milk and Currant Ice Cream

This double-layer ice cream is made from natural products, which…
Rice Pudding with Strawberry, Cinnamon and Chocolate

The Recipe for Rice Pudding with Strawberry, Cinnamon and Chocolate

A tender rice dessert will be a delight for the whole family.…
baguettes cut into pieces

The Recipe for Cantuccini with Cranberry

Dry italian biscuits, look more like crackers, known as cantucci…
Most Harmful Foods

Top 5 of the Most Harmful Foods

Scientists came forward with a list of 5 harmful foods you would…
Pancakes from Spelt Wheat Flour

How to Make Pancakes from Spelt Wheat Flour

Foods made from spelt wheat come out much more delicious than…
Let the cookies cool down on the parchment

The Nut Cookies with Chocolate Icing Recipe

These tender cookies are made from chopped nuts with whipped…
Ingredients for Coconut Cookies

How to Make Coconut Cookies

This is a recipe for soft cookies with a pleasant tropical flavor…