Ingredients for Apple Pie

Making Apple Amber Pie

The pie comes out soft, juicy, flavorful and not too sweet. It…
Mimosa Cake

The Recipe for Mimosa Cake

In Italy it is a cake that is made against March 8, for this…
Ingredients for the cake Angelica

The Recipe for Italian Cake Angelica

In Italian, this chic layered cake in the form of a braid called…
Ingredients for Angel Cake

The Recipe for Angel Cake

This sponge cake is so tender and air-light that it appears like…

The Recipe for Savoiardi Cookies

It is a highly inventive recipe of finger-shaped sponge biscuit…
Ingredients for Cake "Lemon Mousse"

The Recipe for Cake “Lemon Mousse”

The cake comes out not too sweet, with a strong lemon flavor.…
Ingredients for Christmas Panettone

The Recipe for Italian Christmas Panettone

Panettone is an Italian cake made for Christmas. Days before…
Ingredients for Cake Pumpkin Pastiera

The Recipe for Cake “Pumpkin Pastiera”

We made up this recipe Cake as a variation of Pastiera Napoletana.…
Cupcakes into form

The Recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink Cream

Cupcakes are small cakes for 2-3 bites, baked in metal forms…
Ingredints for Dulce de Leche

The Recipe for Dulce de Leche

This soft milky caramel is a popular sweet in South American…
Most Expensive Golden Chocolate Cake

The Most Expensive Chocolate Cake

Arab Emirates cooks from a Dubai café Bloomsbury came up with…
activated yeast

Spring-Time Cake

Here is the recipe for a yeast-dough cake. You’ll get a soft…
Ingredients for Rum Baba

The Recipe for Rum Baba

Baba’s creator is believed to be Polish king Stanisław Leszczyński.…
Low Calorie Diet Increases Brian Functions

Low Calorie Diet Increases Brian Functions

Avoid eating much, avoid foods that are too fat or too sweet,…
Ingredients for Chocolate Brownies

How to Make Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownies are goodies with a wonderfully moist texture…