Orange Brioches. Delicious Sweet Buns

Delicious sweet buns. Ingredients and cooking flour 550 gr.…
Italian Potato Cakes

Italian Potato Cakes Recipe

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Delicate Chocolate-Cherry Rich Buns

Delicate Chocolate-Cherry Rich Rolls

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Sweet Soft Buns with Ricotta

Sweet Soft Buns with Ricotta Recipe

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Barese breakfast, Italy

Barese breakfast, Italy

The fresh smell of the salty sea. This is the Adriatic! We are…
Escarole Neapolitan Buns

The Recipe for Escarole Neapolitan Buns

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Buns with Chocolate

The Recipe for Buns with Chocolate

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Roll out the dough with a filling

Sweet Twisted Bun with Chocolate and Cranberry

We liked the Angelica cake from the Simily sisters so much that…

Making Ukrainian Donuts Pampushky

Ukrainian donuts, originally called Pampushky, belong to traditional…
Barack Obama eats a hot dog

Hot Dog Day

A bun with a sausage known as a hot dog, the Americans’ favorite…
Ingredients for Puff Buns with Poppy

The Recipe for Puff Buns with Poppy

Treat yourself to unbelievably tender puff buns with poppy. This…
Ingredients for Buns in Cream

The Recipe for Buns in Cream

Buns in cream are made in Austria (Buchteln) and Bavaria (Rohrnudeln)…
Ingredients for Vanilla Buns

Making Vanilla Buns

Fresh buns smelling of vanilla will be just right for breakfast.…
Ingredients for Buns with Nuts, Figs and Dried Apricots

The Recipe for Buns with Nuts, Figs and Dried Apricots

If you make dough in accordance with this recipe it will be very…

Recipe for Sweet Buns with Poppy

To bake sweet buns with poppy seeds, you will do good to let…