Romantic Dinner Recipes, Aphrodisiac

Ingredients for Strawberry Soup

The Recipe for Strawberry Soup with Mint

Summer has practically arrived, people are already swimming and…
Let the cookies cool down on the parchment

The Nut Cookies with Chocolate Icing Recipe

These tender cookies are made from chopped nuts with whipped…
Risotto with Saffron and Mushrooms

The Risotto with Saffron and Mushrooms Recipe

If you try this recipe you will get the most delicious risotto…
Ingredients for Bananas in chocolate with coffee cream

Bananas in chocolate, stuffed with coffee cream

This dessert will enjoy both children and adults. Only if you…
Ingrediente for Tiramisu in a Glass

Tiramisu in a Glass with English Cream

Tiramisu in a Glass is a marvelous dessert made with savoiardi…
Ingredients for Mushrooms with Leek

The Mushrooms with Leek and Cheese Recipe

There’s a simple and nourishing dish to be prepared from field…
Ingredients for Marinated Fried Eel

How to Make Marinated Fried Eel

Conger eel is a veritable gourmet food. If you cook it by this…
Ingredients for Tiramisu with Dulce de Leche

The Tiramisu with Dulce de Leche Recipe

This is a light version of Tiramisu, sans eggs and a great amount…
Ingredients for Prawn Cocktail Salad

The Recipe for Shrimp Cocktail Salad

Here’s a recipe for salad that is a cocktail at the same time…
French Macarons

The Recipe for French Macarons

This pastry gains worldwide popularity fast due to its marvelous…
Ingredients for Spaghetti with Clam

The Spaghetti with Clams Vongole Recipe

This is a Neapolitan dish. Spaghetti alle vongolea traditional…
Ingredients for Spaghetti with Lobster

The Recipe for Spaghetti with Lobster

This is a gourmet dish with a delicious taste, apt to satisfy…
Ingredients for Dried Apricot in Chocolate

How to Make Sweets – Dried Apricot in Chocolate

These sweets will gladden your palate with their exquisite taste.…
Ingredients for Dates in Chocolate

How to Make Dates in Chocolate

Try and make at home tasty sweets that are completely natural…
Ingredients for Panna Cotta with Dulce de Leche

The Recipe for Panna Cotta with Dulce de Leche

What makes Panna Cotta a special kind of dessert is the use of…