Ingredients for Strawberry Soup

The Recipe for Strawberry Soup with Mint

Summer has practically arrived, people are already swimming and lying in the sun at the seaside. Sweet strawberry is ripe in gardens, and now that strawberry is in, dishes with it are on the top of the popularity list.

Today we prepared marvelous strawberry soup with mint.

Ingredients for Strawberry Soup

    • Strawberry: 500 gr.
    • Yogurt: 1 cup.
    • Milk: 1 cup.
    • Maple syrup: 3-4 tbsp
    • Bunch of fresh mint.
    • A handful of chocolate chips (crumbs)
Ingredients for Strawberry Soup

Ingredients for Strawberry Soup

Recipe for Strawberry Soup

    1. Wash strawberry, pluck off the stalk ends. Cut each berry along into several pieces.
    2. Put the strawberry pieces into a dish, pour over with yoghurt mixed with milk and maple syrup.
    3. Add chopped mint.
    4. Put the soup into the fridge to come to.
    5. Add chocolate chips and then enjoy it.
Strawberry Soup with Mint

Strawberry Soup with Mint