Romantic Dinner Recipes, Aphrodisiac

Ingredients for Salad with Smoked Salmon

Salad with Smoked Salmon, Basil and Zucchini

This is an easy-to-make salad, only three things are needed -…
Ingredients for Chocolate Cakes with Marshmallow

Rocky Road with Marshmallow and Hazelnut

These cakes do not require baking – it’s an incredible mixture…
Ingredients for Berry Semifreddo

The Recipe for Berry Semifreddo

Semifreddo, a homemade dessert, is ice cream with different berries…
peaches and raspberry for dessert

The Recipe for Peach Melba

This dessert was created by the famous French cook and confectioner…
Ingredients for Bacardi Cocktail

The Recipe for Bacardi Cocktail

This cocktail is based on white rum to which lemon juice and…
Ingredients for Carrot Cheesecakes with Salmon

The Recipe for Carrot Cheesecakes with Smoked Salmon

This recipe of an unbaked snack is our own; carrot cheesecake…
Ingredients for Meringue Roll

How to Make a Meringue Roll with Kiwi and Apples

This is a highly tempting tender roll made from whipped egg whites…
The ingredients for dessert with Pavesini

Cakes Made from Pavesini Biscuits with Coconut Shavings

Pavesini is Italian non-fat kind of biscuits made from eggs,…
Ingredients for Duck Stuffed with Apples

The Recipe for Baked Duck Stuffed with Apples

The peculiarity of this recipe lies in the way you prepare the…
Ingredients for Milk Jelly with Strawberry

Making Milk Jelly with Strawberry

A light and tender jelly with fresh berries – what better dessert…
Ingredients for Chocolate Truffles with Raisin

The Recipe for Chocolate Truffles with Raisin in Coconut Shavings

Try tasty chocolate truffles with raisin soaked in rum. The flavorful…
Ingredients for Rolls with Ham and Avocado Cream

How to Make Rolls with Ham and Avocado Cream

Here’s an appetizer that will fit a romantic dinner on St.…
Ingredients for Salmon Rolls with Caviar

How to Make Salmon Rolls with Red Caviar

Smoked salmon rolls always look great on the table, and of course,…
Ingredients for Scallops Sauté

The Sea Scallops Sauté Recipe

Sauté belongs with the dishes that can be made quickly. The…
Ingredients for Omelet Roll

How to Make Omelet Roll with Cheese and Mortadella

This recipe offers a wide scope for improvisation both on the…