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Baked Pike Recipe

For a long time, people have recognized fish for its high nutritional qualities and amazing taste. Biological value of fish proteins is higher than that of meat proteins. In other words, fish proteins are easier to digest. Yet the caloric value of fish is somewhat lower than that of meat. That’s why those who care […]

Meat with Mushrooms

Meat with mushrooms under the white sauce is very good. This dish is rich in proteins, and proteins, as it is known, are the life. Proteins are essential for everybody, especially for a growing organism and for muscle gain. This dish also goes very well with romantic dinner


The first coffee beans came from Ethiopia, and more precisely from highlands of Caffa region in the southwestern part of modern Ethiopia (coffee sounds like “qahwa” in Arabic). The earliest coffee beverage was made by soaking whole coffee beans in water. Afterwards, coffee beans were roasted over an open fire

Stuffed Pepper

Stuffed peppers are a perfect dish, which could be eaten for both lunch and dinner. It’s very nutritious and healthy. It can be prepared for children, but it would also be suitable for a romantic dinner. Everything important for our organism is very well combined in it: vegetables, meat and rice. Here you can use […]


Dates are the fruits of the date palm, which have been known for thousands of years. Dates are one of the most ancient sorts of fruits, which people know. Today they are still an important diet element in many countries due to its delicate sweet taste and unique nutritious characteristics. They are healthy for people, […]


This salad is called Caprese in Italy, because it was first prepared on Capri island. It is prepared with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. All this creates refined, light, sweetish taste and aroma. It can be eaten as both appetizer and main dish, especially for those wanting to lose weight


Circassian walnut appeared 100 m years ago. The homeland of walnut is Balkans. It was brought to Greece and started to grow there, then in Italy. This is a big branchy tree. The bearing of this tree is nuts which kernels look similar to brains. Ripe nuts are edible products and a highly active medicine. […]

Stuffed Apples

Apples with nuts and honey are a perfect dietary, light and nutritious dish, which is good for kids, sportsmen, pregnant women and an excellent dessert for a romantic dinner. This dish contains a lot of iron and vitamins. Soft apple pulp saturated with honey and lightly fried nuts create a unique aroma and taste. Let […]

Green Tea

The motherland of tea is China. Both the plant and its decoction were called there “Cha”, which meant “young leaf”. Green tea is made out of the same plant as black tea, but the raw materials are handled in different ways. The tea infusion should be transparent, yellow-green. All teas made by different producers differ […]


Borsch, or borscht, is a soup from Eastern Europe, which name comes from the strong red color given by the beetroot – the main ingredient. Borsch can be vegetarian or with meat. You can use beef, pork or chicken – just to your taste. But it should always contain carrots, potato and beetroot, which gives […]


Beet is just a fount of vitamins and minerals, it is perfect for various diets. The pectins contained in beet are able to neutralize toxic substances, which are generated in the gastrointestinal tract and link salts of heavy metals. Beet has more iodine than many other vegetables.

Erotic Cuisine

Erotic cuisine is a whole art, which was created by our ancestors. It plays a huge role in our lives, though sometimes we even don’t notice it. But choosing the right food helps solve many love and everyday problems. If you use the “love cuisine” correctly, you will be able to discover in full all […]

Eggplant Salad

This is a dietary recipe of a healthy salad. Boiled eggplants are especially good for those wanting to lose weight and taking care of their health, because they don’t absorb as much fat as fried eggplants would do. The preparation of this salad keeps all the useful properties of the eggplant. This is why this […]


The eggplant, aubergine or brinjal were brought to Europe from Eastern India. This vegetable have become known to the Western world in the 8th-9th century. The aubergine is a perennial plant of the nightshades family. There exist several varieties of the eggplant. Buying eggplants, you should give preference to young eggplants with a thin peel, […]

Sauce Adjika

Adjika is a sour-sweet sauce with sweet peppers. You can prepare an excellent flavored sauce with bright red vegetables. It lets you use less salt for the food preparation, which is good for hypertensive patients. It is very important, that this sauce can be eaten fresh and without losing any useful properties of the ingredients. […]