Ingredients for BeefsteakOne of the tastiest meat dishes is a juicy beefsteak. It’s prepared from fresh (not frozen) meat.

You can prepare beefsteaks by yourself by cutting a large meat piece. But follow the following rules: cut the meat only across fibres and make the pieces no more than 1,5 cm in thickness.

You can tenderize the steak a little bit. After beating the meat each piece should become half as thick. The time you need to roast the steaks depends on the thickness of the meat and your taste.

Normally the whole process takes about 5 minutes. Roasting the meat from each side for more 1,5-2 minutes makes the steak medium-rare. Roasting the meat for 9-10 minutes makes it very well done.

In order to know, if the meat is ready, press it or prick with a fork. If there appears red juice, your steak is medium-rare, if the juice is light, the steak is well done.

Many people like medium-rare steaks, that is, with blood. This is safe only if you prepare beef.

Ingredients for Beef Steak

600-500 g veal
30 ml olive oil
Salt, oregano to taste
2 twigs of parsley
1 onion
1 tomato

Recipe of Beefsteak

  • Cut the meat across fibres into pieces of about 1,5 cm in thickness.
  • Tenderize the meat a bit from both sides.
  • Roast the steaks on a burning hot frying pan without oil for no more than 3-4 minutes from each side.
  • The longer you roast the meat, the tougher the steaks.
  • As soon as both sides of the meat become brown, the beefsteak is ready.
  • Serve hot. When the steaks are already on the serving dish, add salt and oregano and pour with olive oil.
  • For the garnish ring onion, tomatoes and add parsley.

Ready Beefsteak