Sourdough Rye Bread

The Recipe for Sourdough Rye Bread

Dark kinds of bread are far more wholesome than those made from…
Ingredients for the cake Angelica

The Recipe for Italian Cake Angelica

In Italian, this chic layered cake in the form of a braid called…

Making Ukrainian Donuts Pampushky

Ukrainian donuts, originally called Pampushky, belong to traditional…
Ingredients for Christmas Panettone

The Recipe for Italian Christmas Panettone

Panettone is an Italian cake made for Christmas. Days before…
Ingredients for Cheese Donuts

The Cheese Donuts with Spicy Herbs Recipe

Delicious donuts don’t have to be sweet always – you can…
activated yeast

Spring-Time Cake

Here is the recipe for a yeast-dough cake. You’ll get a soft…
Ingredients for Potato Pies

The Recipe for Potato Pies

This is the very recipe for those who like soft pies. The thing…
Ingredients for Rum Baba

The Recipe for Rum Baba

Baba’s creator is believed to be Polish king Stanisław Leszczyński.…
Ingredients for Liver Patties

The Liver Patties Recipe

Today we baked patties with liver. We had chicken liver, but…
Ingredients for Puff Buns with Poppy

The Recipe for Puff Buns with Poppy

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How to Make Puff Yeast Paste and Bake Croissants

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Ingredients for Buckwheat Pancakes

The Recipe for Buckwheat Pancakes

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Ingredients for Taralli Neapolitan Way

Taralli with Pepper and Almond – Neapolitan Way

Those who have eaten Neapolitan taralli with pepper and almond…
Ingredients for

How to Make Flammkuchen the Mediterranean Way

Flammkuchen, also known as the Flaming Pie, is immensely popular…
Ingredients for Pitta Bread with Fragrant Herbs

The Recipe for Pitta Bread with Fragrant Herbs

Pita, or pitta is a wheat flat cake with a pocket inside. It’s…