Eat Cheese and Butter and Stay Healthy

Eat Cheese and Butter and Stay Healthy

During the last 25 years the intake of medium-fat and high-fat…
Ingredients for Apple Patties

Making Apple Patties

The dough for these patties is of the simplest kind, made without…
Ingredients for Avocado Butter with Lemon Juice

The Avocado Sauce with Lemon Juice Recipe – Guacamole

Avocado is mainly used raw. Ripe avocado has a soft buttery pulp…
Ingredients for Plum Galette

The Plum Galette Recipe

Galette require shortcrust pastry. It impedes the gluten strands,…
Ingredients for Lemon Ice-Cream

Making Lemon Ice-Cream

Lemon ice-cream is made from natural products and tastes delicious.…
Ingredients for a peach pie

Making a Peach Pie

This pie is made with shortcrust pastry or breeze dough. It is…
Ingredients for Gingerbread

Making Gingerbread

Gingerbread has been baked in England from times immemorial.…
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How to Make Chocolate muffins

Home-made chocolate muffins are so good that you will be making…
Ingredients for Pancakes American Way

Pancakes American Way

American pancakes are thick and amazingly soft and silky. They…
Ingredients for Heart-Shaped Cookies

How to Make Heart-Shaped Cookies with Strawberry Marmalade

Here’s the recipe for delicate and crumbly cookies. The dough…
Ingredients for Squids Stuffed with Rice and Mushrooms

Squids Stuffed with Rice and Mushrooms

Squids’ hollow bodies are extremely convenient for stuffing.…

How to Make Eclairs Filled with Coffee and Nut Flavored Cream

Eclairs, or custard pastry, originated in France. It was there…

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It's always fun to bake fruits in crispy puff pastry. This unfailingly…

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Cantucci or cantuccini, porous hard almond-flavored biscuits…

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Kulich (Russian Easter pie) is a staple on Orthodox Easter. There…