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Ingredients for Russian Black Cocktail

Russian Black Cocktail

The cocktail known as Russian Black was invented in after-war…
Ingredients for Cabbage Pie

The Cabbage Pie Recipe

This is a pie baked from yeast dough which is good with all …

Making Cheese Fritters

Cheese fritters, small flour cakes made with farmer cheese, are…
Ingredients for Vanilla Buns

The Sweet Roll with Raisins Recipe

A roll made from yeast-fermented dough with raisins will charm…

Preparing Horse Radish with Beetroot

Horse radish is a salubrious plant. Reference books list anti-cancerous,…
Ingredients for salad Dressed Herring

The Dressed Herring Recipe

The salad made from boiled vegetables and salted herring generally…
Ingredients for Potato Vareniki

How to Make Potato Vareniki

Vareniki is the Ukraine’s national dish that became popular…
Ingredients for Apple Patties

Making Apple Patties

The dough for these patties is of the simplest kind, made without…
Ingredients for Fried Pies with Meat

How to Cook Fried Pies with Meat

This is our favorite recipe for fried pies. The dough is made…
Ingredients for Pancakes with Herring and Onion

The Pancakes with Herring and Onion Recipe

There are many fillings for traditional Russian pancakes. For…
Ingredients for Thin Pancakes

The Recipe for Thin Pancakes

There are some secrets how to make your pancakes thin. First,…

How to Bake Pumpkin Puffs

You can make pumpkin puffs using store-bought puff pastry. But…

The Recipe for Cheese Soup with White Mushrooms

White mushrooms are considered to be the best of all mushrooms…

Sauerkraut Prepared with Carrot and Black Pepper

Fall is the season of preparing sauerkraut in Russia. Sauerkraut…

The Recipe for Pickled Honey Mushrooms

The taste of pickled mushrooms always depends on the marinade…