dough into an oblong shapes on a baking paper lined baking sheet

The Recipe for Eclairs with Custard

Eclairs - this highly popular goody is very easy to make. The…
Ingredients for Cake "Lemon Mousse"

The Recipe for Cake “Lemon Mousse”

The cake comes out not too sweet, with a strong lemon flavor.…
Ingredients for Gnocchi with Salmon

Potato gnocchi with salmon and cream sauce

Gnocchi are dumplings. You can buy gnocchi or make them yourself.…
Ingrediente for Tiramisu in a Glass

Tiramisu in a Glass with English Cream

Tiramisu in a Glass is a marvelous dessert made with savoiardi…
Ingredients for English Cream

The Recipe for English Cream

The mixture of 4 products only gives a substance of unconceivable…
Ingredients for Custard

The Custard Recipe

This cream can be used for making éclairs, profiteroles, cakes…
Ingredients for Cookies Alfajores

The Recipe for Argentine Cookies Alfajores

It is a kind of cookies which is very popular in Latin American…
Ingredients for Panna Cotta with Dulce de Leche

The Recipe for Panna Cotta with Dulce de Leche

What makes Panna Cotta a special kind of dessert is the use of…
Ingredints for Dulce de Leche

The Recipe for Dulce de Leche

This soft milky caramel is a popular sweet in South American…
Ingredients for Berry Semifreddo

The Recipe for Berry Semifreddo

Semifreddo, a homemade dessert, is ice cream with different berries…
Ingredients for Carrot Cheesecakes with Salmon

The Recipe for Carrot Cheesecakes with Smoked Salmon

This recipe of an unbaked snack is our own; carrot cheesecake…
Ingredients for Cream Cakes with Apricots and Cranberry

How to Make Cream Cakes with Apricots and Cranberry

A tasty cake isn’t always difficult to make. Cakes are a decoration…
mixture for ice cream

Home-Made Chocolate Eskimo Pie

Home-made ice-cream is a notch better because it contains no…
Ingredients for Coconut Popsicle

The Bounty Coconut Eskimo Pie Recipe

Both grown-ups and adults alike are fond of ice-cream in chocolate…
Ingredients for Honey Muffins with Chocolate Shavings

The Recipe for Honey Muffins with Chocolate Shavings

Today we treated ourselves to muffins with chopped chocolate…