The Best Dishes for Hot Summer Days

There are quite a lot of people who are not sure what to cook…
The Rice Fritters with Cheese

The Rice Fritters with Cheese Recipe

Try crispy and flavorful rice fritters with Parmesan cheese and…
Ingredients for Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice

How to Make Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice

Here is a marvelous dish of stuffed tomatoes baked in the oven.…
Buffalo Mozzarella

International Fair of Mozzarella

The VII International Fair of Buffalo Mozzarella and Mediterranean…
Appetizer with Mozzarella, Ham and Fig

The Recipe for Appetizer with Mozzarella, Ham and Fig

You can treat yourself to this colorful appetizer – known in…
Ingredients for Lasagna with Meat and Eggplant

The Recipe for Lasagna with Meat, Cheese and Eggplant

Here’s one more recipe for lasagna. This time we made it with…
Ingredients for stuffed, baked polenta

How to Make a Pie – Polenta Pasticciata

It is a traditional dish at Piedmont where it is known as polenta…
Ingredients for Mozzarella Buns

Let’s Try Snack – Mozzarella Buns with Eggplant

If you have some mozzarella in large balls, you can make an excellent…
Ingredients for Mediterranean Salad with Farfalle

Mediterranean Salad with Farfalle, Tuna and Mozzarella

Salads with pasta can make a good dinner or supper, especially…
Ingredients for Rice Balls Arancini

The Recipe for Sicilian Rice Balls Arancini

Everybody who has been to Sicilia is sure to have eaten arancini,…
Ingredients for Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers

The Recipe for Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers

Stuffed pumpkin flowers make an excellent light supper for hot…
Ingredients for Four Cheese Polenta

The Four Cheese Polenta Recipe (quattro formaggi)

This is a festive version of polenta, cereal made from corn flour.…
Ingredients for Julienne with Cheese and Mushrooms

The Recipe for “Jesuit” Julienne with Cheese and Mushrooms

This dish made from hot cheese and mushrooms is served in the…

How to Bake Pasta Neapolitan Way

Here is a typical Neapolitan dish called Pasta al forno. It is…
A Huge Burger-Pizza

A Huge Burger-Pizza

They are making a huge burger which can be cut into pieces like…