Amaretto Recipe

Ingredients for AmarettoAmaretto liqueur originated in Italy. It is made from bitter almond or a base of apricot or plum, with sugar and sometimes spicy herbs. The liqueur origin derives from a romantic love story. It happened early in the fifteenth century. Italian artist Bernardino Luini was commissioned to paint the walls of a church in Saronno, Lombardy. His task was to depict the Adoration of the Magi scene and Luini chose a beautiful woman, an owner of the inn he was staying, as a model for Madonna. Bernardino fell in love with his model. When he finished, the moment of wrenching farewell came. This woman gifted him a homemade bitter-flavored liqueur made from almond and brandy. That’s a wonderful legend. Now Amaretto is made across Italy and the recipes vary.

You can make this liqueur at home. Of course, we offer here a simplified version, but the liqueur is very fragrant and slightly bitter. For our Amaretto, we used plum seeds. You can also use apricot kernels or apple seeds. This liqueur is very tasty and strong. Besides, it’s really healthy. Scientists found that apricot kernels contain vitamin B17 that have strong antioxidants and anti-swelling properties. No wonder some nations have been eating them since ancient times. But, as with all alcohol, you should be moderate on this liqueur.

Ingredients for Amaretto

500 ml pure 90-96% alcohol
500 ml filtered boiled water
100 g cores of plum seeds
1.5 (350 g) cup sugar

Recipe for Amaretto

  • Solve sugar in warm water.
  • Heat 2-3 tablespoonfuls of sugar in a frying pan until brown.
  • Immediately transfer melted sugar to the sugar syrup.
  • Coarsely grind the cores of seeds.
  • Put ground cores in a glass bottle and pour in alcohol.
  • Let stand for an hour and then add sugar syrup.
  • Mix everything, cover tightly and put in a dark place.
  • 10-15 days later, filter the liqueur and it’s ready for consumption.

Note: If Amaretto is too strong for you, add ice cubes into your glass. In Italy, this liqueur is served after meal with a dessert.