Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)

Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)

It was invented in a beautiful corner of Germany - Schwarzwald,…
Orange and Chocolate Truffles

Orange and Chocolate Truffles

The taste of oranges and chocolate complement each other so well…
Prickly Pear

What is Prickly Pear and Why it is Useful

Prickly pear or Barbary fig, in Italian is Fico d'India- Indian…
Christmas Log

Christmas Log Recipe

This is a cake roll with a rich taste. It is traditionally baked…
Сhocolate Сake with Raspberry

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry

This cake seems to be the most chocolate of all that we have…
Caramel Cake with Strawberry

The Recipe for Caramel Cake with Strawberry

Do you want something sweet? Try to bake a fragrant cake with…
Peach Alkermes Italian Cookies

Peach Alkermes Italian Cookies

Beautiful cookies looking like peaches are traditional in the…
Mimosa Cake

The Recipe for Mimosa Cake

In Italy it is a cake that is made against March 8, for this…
Ingredients for Cake "Lemon Mousse"

The Recipe for Cake “Lemon Mousse”

The cake comes out not too sweet, with a strong lemon flavor.…
Ingrediente for Tiramisu in a Glass

Tiramisu in a Glass with English Cream

Tiramisu in a Glass is a marvelous dessert made with savoiardi…
Ingredients for Orange Mulled Wine

Orange Mulled Wine

One of the best ways to get warm quickly in winter is mulled…
The ingredients for dessert with Pavesini

Cakes Made from Pavesini Biscuits with Coconut Shavings

Pavesini is Italian non-fat kind of biscuits made from eggs,…
Ingredients for Liqueur Limoncello

Making Liqueurs at Home: Limoncello

Limoncello is a Italian liqueur with a strong flavor and a rich…
Ingredients for Tiramisu

The Recipe for Dessert Tiramisu

This dessert Tiramisu is prepared and served in a glass or in…
Ingredients for Chocolate Truffle

The Recipe for Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate truffles are made from cream and chocolate. The French…