Hot Chocolate Improves Memory

Hot Chocolate Improves Memory

Scientists from Harvard urge to drink two cups of hot chocolate…
The building is shaped like a ship

Journey to the World of Chocolate – Chocolate Museum in Koln

When we were in Germany, we visited the famous Chocolate Museum…
Ingredients for Tiramisu with Dulce de Leche

The Tiramisu with Dulce de Leche Recipe

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Chocolate Treatment

A recent study revealed that chocolate helps get rid of cough…
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Treat Yourself to Chocolate Almond Cookies

Want cookies with a rich chocolate taste that melt in the mouth?…
Green Tea and Chocolate

Green Tea and Chocolate Are Salubrious for HIV Positive Individuals

Modern HIV treatment is unable to control the complete replication…
chocolate, special rejuvenating

Chocolate News

If you want to stay young as long as it’s possible, you have…
Ingredients for Tiramisu

The Recipe for Dessert Tiramisu

This dessert Tiramisu is prepared and served in a glass or in…
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The Recipe for Chocolate Truffles with Raisin in Coconut Shavings

Try tasty chocolate truffles with raisin soaked in rum. The flavorful…
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How to Make Chocolate Brownies

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The Recipe for Chocolate Truffle

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The Recipe for Chocolate and Nut Butter

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How to Make Chocolate Roll with nuts

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How to Make Chocolate muffins

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The Recipe for Homemade Chocolates with Nuts

In the time when chemicals and non-natural components are freely…