Top Cooking Schools in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh is a city located in the southern part of Vietnam. The city has a relatively high population of people, but what majority of tourists notice when they visit this side of Vietnam is the increased number of a food store on the streets and the market areas. Vietnamese are known for making some of the best cuisines enjoyed worldwide, and if you would like to learn some of their culinary, there are chef’s schools available in the city.

Grain by Luke Cooking Studio

This school belongs to one of the top chef’s in the world Luke Nguyen. He has a cooking TV series that features different Vietnam dishes, and he also hosts the television series competition regarding the Vietnam dishes. So he pretty much has all the knowledge regarding the preparations, presentations and also how to add different Vietnam cooking ingredients.

HCM Cooking Class

This is the best cooking school for people who want a class that is far away from the noises and hustles of the city. The HCM school is located in the agricultural village where the cooking is done in a plantation full of all cooking ingredients. This also gives the artisans an opportunity of getting exposed to different cooking ingredients that are directly harvested from the garden. If you don’t know how the Vietnamese cooking herbs look like, the cooking school gives you a great opportunity of learning about these plants.

Cyclo Resto

Cyclo Resto is a fun cooking school since it offers you some fun and cooking lessons before you head for the cooking class. It involves a driver picking you from your resident and hence taking you for a tour with your chef to the Ben Thanh market. The chef will show you how to choose the different ingredients for cooking and also how to deal with the marketers when bargaining. After picking your essential cooking ingredients, the bus takes you straight for the practical part of the lesson which is cooking.

Vietnam Cookery Center

This is the best cooking school for people who want to learn a variety of Vietnamese dishes. The school teaches different cuisines which include baking and cooking poultry and other meats the Vietnamese ways. Also, these classes are offered online, or you can book for the courses online. Just visit to schedule your cooking lessons.

Saigon Cooking Class

The school gives the students an opportunity of choosing five different meals that they want to learn how to prepare. Then your chef takes you to the Ben Thanh market where you buy all the necessary cooking ingredients before you head back to school to make the meals.

Learning how to prepare Vietnamese food is quite convenient and comfortable since you get to learn about their secret ingredients and how to buy the right spices. The classes are fun as some chefs opt to shop with their students in the market before they head home to prepare the meals. So, book your position in the above schools and learn a few cuisines about Vietnamese.