Ways to Make a Perfect Tofu that Will Last Longer

Nobody wants to take tofu that has been spoilt or any other food. Spoilt food may lead to food poisoning. Due to spoiled food or any other beliefs about the food, Americans have wasted a lot of money each year. We are talking about billions of dollars. It could be probably because most people are not aware of how to go about with spoiled foods. There are people who will throw away food by its second date of expiration. Just like any other food, tofu can also go bad because it is made from a fresh plant. However, did you know that there are ways in which you can make a perfect tofu that will last longer?

This article will provide you with some of the ways you can do so. So, let’s learn!

1. Drain It First

Most tofu is usually packed in water. According to Nomealnohealth.com, you can always extend cooked tofu shelf life by draining then putting it in a container. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to drain that water. The dryness will enhance tofu’s durability and ensure that it is able to absorb marinade when dipped in a frying pan.

So how do you drain the water?

  • Slice the block
  • Put the slices in one layer on a baking sheet that is towel-lined.
  • Place more paper towels on top of the tofu
  • Add a heavy object on top of the towels.
  • Wait for one or two hours.
  • After the draining, you can then marinate it.

2. Skip the Oil, If You Marinate

Pressing the tofu will make it ready for absorption. The tofu will still have some water and we all know water and oil are immiscible. Therefore, it is recommended you opt for marinades that are citrus, vinegar or soy based.

3. Cornstarch is the Key to Crispiness

Crispiness is one of the things that make food more durable since it has no water, but once it absorbs the water, its duration decreases. Therefore, to achieve great crispiness, put the cornstarch in a bowl, add the tofu, and then toss. The best is a light coat to shake the extra off, which you should dump in a colander.

4. The Pan should be Hot

One of the elements that cause any food to spoil fast is the ingredients. They have to be seared properly. Tofu’s ingredients are no exception. Therefore, to sear the ingredients, the pan has to be hot enough. Give the pan and the oil time to heat up, to ensure that the tofu gets heated up evenly.

5. Avoid Olive Oil and Season Reasonably

Add sesame oil to give the tofu a nutty flavor and coconut oil which gives it some sweetness. Make sure that you salt the tofu after searing.

At the end of the day, you do not want to have food poisoning because of taking spoilt tofu, do you? One way you will avoid that is by making it in a way that it will last longer. Therefore, use the tips above and they will help you make your tofu more durable and safe for eating. Your taste buds will not only thank you for good tofu but also, your stomach will do the same for filling it with tofu that is not spoilt!