The Best Food Hacks

The kitchen is the place where we not only cook something but also create masterpieces that are worthwhile to be described in kitchen books and on cooking blogs. Nevertheless, there are the situations when the elementary operation goes wrong, which spoils the entire cooking mood. For example, hard-boiled eggs collapse during the peeling, or the butter is too solid to spread on. Luckily, there are some tricks that will make your life easier.

Extraction of the lemon juice

Many tasty recipes contain a little lemon juice. But every time you need it, you have to spoil the whole lemon. The problem is that you split the lemon into the two parts, press out a little juice, and send both halves of lemon to the fridge. The lemon becomes dry and starts spoiling very fast because of the reaction with the oxygen. To prevent that, you have to roll the lemon over your table slightly pressing it, and poke it with some metallic pin exactly at the bottom of the fruit. Now you can squeeze out the lemon juice, and the leftover will not spoil because the oxygen cannot go into through the very small hole.

Spreadable butter

Imagine you feel like eating a sandwich. You take your butter out of the fridge, it is impossible to spread it because it is solid. You can use a microwave to make it softer, but you risk getting over melted stuff resembling a soup. To avoid that and have your butter soft and spreadable use a cheese grater. Just grate the butter and you will get soft butter spaghetti that spreads over easily.

Potato peeling

Take the potato, and make the thin cut around with the knife. Then put it into the water and boil as usual. Once it is ready, just take the potato and pull the skin off with your fingers. It is like asking an essay writing service to make your writing for you because you just let the simmering water to do its job for you.

Hard-boiled eggs peeling

Put the hard-boiled egg in a jar, add water to cover that egg, close the jar and shake it intensively. When you take out the egg, the shell is falling off the egg, so you can easily remove it. The same hack can be used for peeling garlic, but in this case, you do not have to add water.

Refreshing the bread

To prevent your bread from getting hard, keep it in a plastic bag. However, it does not help to keep your bread fresh and crunchy. To revive an old bread, pour water on the top and bottom of bread, and put it into an oven at 180 degrees Celsius. Wait about three minutes, flip it over, and wait another three minutes. Now you have a hot, fresh, and tasty bread again.

Testing eggs for freshness

To figure out if the egg is fresh or not just drop it into the water. The fresh egg will sink to the bottom while the bad one will float to the top.

Super poached eggs

Separate whites and yolks. Add chopped basil and a little of mozzarella cheese to your egg whites and mix it up. Take another bowl, dent a piece of cling film into it, spray it with oil, and place half of your mixture into that bowl. Then place the yolk and cover it up with the rest of mixture. Close the film up by tying it and put it into simmering water. In 5 minutes, the most delicious poached egg is ready.

These awesome kitchen tricks were kindly provided by Olivia Turner from Essayforever.