Mediterranean diet useful for children

Mediterranean Diet Useful for Children

According to many scientists, Mediterranean diet is perfect not only for adults but also for children. After all, it is the most balanced and healthy of all the diets in the world, and it helps to prevent many diseases.

Getting used to a healthy diet begins in early childhood and affects a person’s gastronomic behavior in adulthood. A number of recent studies have shown that proper nutrition can prevent obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Italian pediatricians believe that it is important to introduce carbohydrates with a low glycemic index to a child’s diet. Pasta is the product that consists of such complex carbohydrates.

A plate of pasta cooked according to traditional Italian recipes contains all the important nutrients needed for body growth.

A child’s portion of pasta is about 40-80 grams. When combined with other healthy ingredients typical of the Mediterranean diet – olive oil, fresh tomato sauce, parmesan cheese – it gives the child all the nutrients needed for growth.

Calorie content of this dish is only 200 to 300 calories.

Pasta with tomato sauce, vegetables, meat, fish and hard cheeses, adds to the child’s diet vitamins, proteins, lipids, lycopene, fiber and antioxidants.

Italian pediatricians believe this kind of food extremely useful for children.

Also, small pasta is perfect to teach a child to eat with a spoon.

Mediterranean diet useful for children

Mediterranean diet useful for children