Top 5 of the Most Harmful Foods

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Scientists came forward with a list of 5 harmful foods you would be well advised to avoid altogether or eat very sparingly.
They are:

    • Broth cubes. They are wonderful at giving taste to totally tasteless things. They owe the ability to their very high content of sodium glutamate, a substance that can cause cancer.
    • Sausage. It is usually made from the worst kinds of meat with addition of nitrates and other carcinogenic substances.
    • Processed cheese. It is made from cheese that became fermented or got spoiled and therefore cannot be sold. These cheeses are plied together and doctored with polyphosphates for softening. Sodium citrate (E331) in the list of ingredients means that the food is made with processed waste.
    • White bread which is made from white flour. It is devoid of cellulose and other wholesome substances because it was sifted clean of bran. This kind of bread ends up in clammy pieces of bread that sticks to the intestinal walls, clogs up the villi and hinders the absorption of nutrients.
    • White refined sugar. Doctors are inclined to look on it as a poison because it contains no wholesome substances and eventually leads to weakening the body’s defenses.
Most Harmful Foods

Most Harmful Foods


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