The Wholesome Soup Gazpacho

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Vegetable soup gazpacho was recognized as salubrious for the heart and vessels. It has been proved by a team of scientists from the university of Barcelona headed by Alexander Medina-Remón, D. Sc.

Research conducted with the assistance of 4,000 volunteers revealed that this Mediterranean vegetable-based tomatoes soup rich in phyto-chemical polyphenolic compounds is linked with bringing down blood pressure in individuals with a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

High blood pressure is one of the main concerns of health services worldwide and one of the leading reasons of deaths and physical disability all over the world.

Scientists urge to eat more vegetables to stabilize blood pressure problems, and the gazpacho soup is high on the list of advisable foods.

Wholesome Soup Gazpacho

Wholesome Soup Gazpacho


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