The Recipe for Spaghetti with Lobster

This is a gourmet dish with a delicious taste, apt to satisfy the most fastidious palate.

We ate it for the first time in the Ancient Tower tavern in the center of Venice, at the end of a long walk, when we ran up quite a hunger and stumbled upon this little cozy tavern that belonged to many generations of the same family. The hospitable owner ran out to meet us with such delight as if we were his relatives; probably his grandfather and father before him used to welcome visitors in this fashion. They serve homemade dishes from fresh seafood bought every morning on the fish market, and what I must say for this tavern the dishes are not expensive.

On coming home we decided to re-live the pleasure, the more so since there are plenty of lobsters in the shop before Christmas, and not only lobsters – various seafoods are abundant. It is an Italian tradition to eat the gifts of the sea on Christmas Eve and New Year Eve.

Ingredients for Spaghetti with Lobster

Serves 4

    • 2 Lobsters
    • Spaghetti: 400 gr.
    • Tomatoes: 200 gr.
    • Tomato puree: 200 gr.
    • Garlic: 2 cloves.
    • Fresh ginger 20 gr.
    • Dry white wine 1 cup.
    • Parsley: a pair of branches.
    • Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil: to taste.
Ingredients for Spaghetti with Lobster

Ingredients for Spaghetti with Lobster

Recipe for Spaghetti with Lobster

    1. Pour oil into a roasting pan and fry finely chopped garlic with ginger. Then add parsley, in another minute – chopped tomatoes and tomato puree.
    2. Stew for about 4 minutes, pour in wine and go on stewing for a couple of minutes more.
    3. Cut lobsters along the belly, put them into the sauce, salt, pepper and stew for about 10 minutes.
Cut lobsters along the belly

Cut lobsters along the belly

Put them into the sauce

Put them into the sauce

    1. Boil spaghetti in 20 glasses water until al’dente.
    2. Take the lobsters out of the sauce, put the pasta in, mix it in quickly.
    3. Serve at once, putting half a lobster and some spaghetti on each plate; pour some sauce over and sprinkle with fresh parsley.
Spaghetti with Lobster

Spaghetti with Lobster


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