Top 4 Products Protects Against Cancer

Scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston made up a list of fruits, berries, and vegetables possessing powerful anti-cancer properties.

An apple a day can diminish the risk of developing tumor in the mouth, throat, lungs, colon, and lacteal gland. Quercetine in apples protects the cells’ DNA from cancer-causing damages. The best way to eat apples is to eat them raw with the skin, for this is where the agent is situated.
Cranberry contains benzoic acid that inhibits the development of cancer in the colon, lungs, and several kinds of leukemia. It also helps protect the bladder from infections and the teeth from decay.

Carrot and beetroot are rich in carotenoids. A compound found in carrot, known as falcarinol, also diminishes cancer risk. Beetroot is also an excellent source of betaine that increases endurance. The richer and brighter the pigment, the higher the content of nutritious anti-cancer agents. It is advisable to add plenty of colorful vegetative products in your diet.

Leaf vegetables, all kinds of cabbages are on the list. Green kale is especially rich in indoles that are conducive to detoxication of the liver and inhibit tumors. Other vegetables of the cruciferae family like cabbage, Brussels sprout, broccoli, are also wholesome. People whose diet contains plenty of these vegetables are less susceptible to the development of stomach and prostate cancer.

Those who eat these products at least twice a week can bring down cancer risk.

Products Protects Against Cancer

Products Protects Against Cancer