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Coffee Cake with Butter Cream

Anyone who loves coffee with cream and cinnamon, you will love this cake. Moreover, it is prepared very simply. Sweets are loved by both adults and children. A homemade cake, cooked with the addition of love, attention and care, is always better than the purchased one. Ingredients for Cake Flour: 230 gr. Eggs: 3 pcs. […]

Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Appliances that come in direct contact with water are more prone to develop problems. Ice machines are among the kitchen appliances that frequently cause problems. These appliances have a rather complex operation. Their motors go through different ice making cycles at certain intervals wherein the evaporator adjusts temperature repeatedly and instantly.

3 More Ways to Cook that Lovely Piece of Chicken

When we talk about chicken, images of McDonald’s breaded sandwiches may easily come to mind. This is expected, especially now that frying is undoubtedly one of the most common ways to cook chicken. And this is true whether you are in the Philippines or the United States.

5 Small Appliances You Need In Your First Kitchen

If you’re setting up home for the first time, equipping your kitchen is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. Knowing which appliances to invest in can be difficult – which ones will you get plenty of use from and which will turn out to be a waste of money?

CBD is an Ingredient with Enormous Therapeutic Value

Cannabis legalization is now a reality in several US states, and society’s re-embracement of this ancient herb is introducing us to new sets of beneficial compounds and important neurotransmitters. These are helping to demonstrate our deep history with cannabis, as we discover more about how our bodies, and specifically our endocannabinoid systems, are influenced by […]

Cooking with CBD: a Beginner’s Guide

Much of the discussion about cannabidiol (CBD) has been on the compound’s medicinal value, but there are a few reasons why CBD could be a good general addition to your diet as well. Studies have shown that taking CBD provides mental and physical benefits, such as reducing stress, alleviating pain, regulating the immune system and […]

5 Simple Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

In the mood for something sweet, but no time to spare? Desserts are a yummy and indulgent treat, loved by all. There is not much that can beat the delightfulness of a well-made dessert. The simpler they are to create, the sooner you will be enjoying that delicious treat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Cooking

The induction cooktop is an effective way of cooking in that it uses the electromagnetic energy to heat the cookware. Induction cooktops use energy directly where do not use the burner underneath the pan compared to electric cooktops which use the power directly. Technology advancement has led to the introduction of induction that uses the […]

The Health Benefits of Using Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services are becoming more popular these days and for the right reasons. Aside from the fact that they make it easier for you to order food, you also get tons of health benefits. It is like preparing your own meal at home. Here are some of the health benefits of getting a meal […]

How Much Dairy is Too Much?

When we were little, we subsisted on milk as a way to nourish and support our bodies as it developed during our formative years. When we grew older, we dropped our need for milk, opting for other sources of nourishment instead.

7 Tips to Eating Healthier in 2018

Since many people share the common goal of wanting to eat healthier, let’s take a close look at seven changes you can make to your diet to help you feel more energetic and less bloated and to support your immune system and weight goals. While you don’t have to make every one of these changes […]