Old Dishes That Taste Better With Heat

Are you someone that loves the classics from yesterday? It’s hard not to be, but you might also understand things need to be reinvented every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if the idea seems daunting to you, an easy fix is just to add a little heat to things.

That way, you’ll have the perfect medley of familiar and adventurous. If adding in heat sounds like a great way to reinvent dinner staples, here’s a few easy options to get you started.


It seems to be on everyone’s classic list of comfort foods and for good reason. That makes it a perfect choice to be our first option here. Heat isn’t the only change to the norm here since what’s going to happen here is making it a buffalo chicken chili. To start, take away the typical turkey or ground beef, and get yourself some ground chicken. The normal amount you’d typically have for meat in your chili should be just fine.

You’ll still want your tomato sauce that you’d typically use, but on top of that, you’ll need to add in at least half a cup of your favorite hot buffalo wing sauce. If heat is your go-to for flavor, don’t feel like you’ve got to stop at half a cup.

Most other steps here will be what you’re familiar with, from paprika and cumin, to garlic and an onion. Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel with this one, your typical recipe for chili, beside the changes mentioned, should serve this well.


They are a childhood love that’s turned into an adulthood staple for many. Few things can warm your heart like the classic red sauce and meatballs from yesterday. As a way to add some heat, put aside the red sauce this time.

It might sound unfamiliar, but meatballs make a great base for that lovely savory and sweet mixture. To do this, this time your meatballs are going to be paired with a mango based sauce to bring the sweetness you didn’t know you needed.

Along with the sweet side, we’re here for some heat and the best way to get both is by simply using mango pepper jelly instead of the traditional fare. Once you try this Caribbean twist, your red sauce might end up staying in the cupboard for longer than you would have guessed.

Chicken Parmigiana

The options here are starting to sound like someone has it out for red sauce. It’s a promise that’s not the case. It’s just a testament that so many classics are built around it. When looking directly at Chicken Parmigiana, a great way to make it even better is by substituting a little bit of the marinara for something a little spicier.

What you’ll want here is Sriracha alongside your red sauce. If you aren’t familiar, it’s another sweet-hot legend that’s making its way into more dishes by the day. Thanks to its garlic, sugar, and chilies, it’s the perfect pairing to both sweeten your tomato sauces all while adding that heat we were looking for.