How to Prepare a Romantic Dinner at Home

There is nothing more intimate and romantic than having dinner at home with your special someone. Apart from the fact that dining in restaurants can be a lot more expensive, it is being alone and enjoying each other’s company without any distractions around that make it more meaningful. You can set the perfect ambiance to bring in that special mood and prepare dishes that are more significant because they are a labour of love.

Here are a few tips you may find useful for your intimate dinner preparation.

Set the date

The first step in the planning stage is to determine when you plan to have your intimate dinner. Ideally, the weekend is the best time. There is no need to think about work or any other activity that can disrupt your time together. Once you have decided on that, you can make an invitation for your partner, so he knows that he has to be there at a particular time, and ready for a night of romance. If you are planning to surprise him, lighted candles leading to your door can give him a clue of what he is about to expect inside.

Prepare your drinks

When you imagine candlelit dinners and romance, wine is the first thing that comes to mind. You can find the best accompaniment for your dinner from PAF Wine as an excellent choice. Determine what type of wine goes best with your dishes. If you are having beer and any other kind of beverage that must be served cold, make sure that it is chilled ahead of time. It would help if you also had a pitcher of cold water within reach, so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the meal to bring it to the table. Adding a slice of lemon into the pitcher of water would add a special touch.

Plan your menu

Appetizers are the first order of business before partaking in a delicious main course. If you have decided to cook your unique dishes, you may be getting them ready in the kitchen. While having drinks to kick off the evening, having some appetizers with them can prepare your palate for what lies ahead, and keep you from getting hungry while waiting. Keep them simple, though. Simple salads, cheese and crackers, or bruschetta that you prepared early on are great starters. When it comes to your main course, make sure that it is not complicated to prepare. Cook dishes that you have been successful with before. Avoid experimenting on this special night.

Get the place set up

Decorate your table for two. Candles provide mood lighting. Place flowers on the table. Play romantic music in the background to create the perfect atmosphere for a night of love.

Your special someone will appreciate the effort you put into preparing for your romantic dinner. We may sometimes forget to have those moments when we share each other’s company with no interruptions from the outside world. Don’t forget that this is an excellent way of keeping the flame alive.