7 Best Foods for Students’ Brain: Boost Your Memory and Concentration

College life is a fascinating experience with new friends, parties, learning new things and joining the community clubs, yet at the same time, there are new responsibilities with the complex assignments and exams. It puts an additional strain on student’s brains as the time schedule is changed all the time and an amount of sleep usually diminishes. Unfortunately, most learners finish their homework tasks right before the deadline, filling themselves with unhealthy snacks right as they study. While it may be handy, only the brain food can help the body function well and provide due concentration, energy boost, and strength.

7 Best Foods for Students to Receive Better Grades

When someone is stuck in the middle of a challenging assignment, it only seems natural to grab a snack with a soda drink while sitting at the desk. As the healthcare specialists confirm, such an approach may help for the next twenty minutes but will not provide an energy boost and the chemical elements required for the body to remain focused on natural stamina. Although it is barely possible to cook a fancy restaurant dinner, there are still seven great brain healthy foods that are always available and will not take much time.

  • Eggs. This rather simple, yet very healthy product contains vitamins B6 and B12, which are crucial for the regulation of nerves, mood swings, and memory, especially when it is challenged. There is also Choline, which helps concentration and slows down the burnout.
  • Dark Chocolate. Flavonoids may sound complex but it is exactly what helps people to learn as the elements contained in the dark chocolate or cocoa drinks help to restore the memory and process the information that students need to remember during the tests.
  • Lemon Tea and Oranges. Vitamin C is always mentioned among the foods that improve memory, which can be explained by the presence of antioxidants that protect the brain cells. Out of many foods that boost brainpower, even eating an orange a day or drinking a cup of lemon tea can build a protective shield against the anxiety.
  • Nuts and Blueberries. Unlike fast food, blueberries provide anthocyanins, which has a powerful impact on a student’s brain because of anti-inflammatory and stress diminishing effect. Anthocyanins act as transport vehicles that help the brain and body to communicate. Now including the nuts in a daily diet prevents obesity and hypertension. It improves the immune system, which is crucial for first-year students living in a new environment.
  • Coffee and Green Tea. Just like coffee, green tea is a great food for the brain because keeping hydrated is obligatory during the long homework hours when the eyes and the brain are deeply engaged in analysis and thinking. It contains L-theanine, which deals with the alpha waves of a human brain, so it knows how to relax and let the heavy thoughts go.
  • Avocados. Often neglected, this green product provides a healthy blood flow, which makes a major difference for those who spend a lot of time sitting. As long as the blood reaches the brain timely, it functions well.
  • Seafood Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Salmon, herring, tuna or sardines all have Omega-3 elements, which is essential for the students who need additional energy and concentration.

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A Little Bit of Everything

An important aspect that many students miss when they hear about the best foods for the brain is that there is no need to overdo it and fill one’s body with fish or heaps of nuts on a daily basis. Such an attitude may even lead to allergic reactions! Provide a little bit of everything in balance. What really matters is the environment and regularity of food intake. Separate the time allocated for studies from grabbing an orange or green tea drink. Sit back, relax, and let your body make a switch towards an enjoyable experience!


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