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Recipe for Baked Mullet

Mullet is a fish that has white, soft flesh. This tasty fish is healthy and rich in phosphorus as any other fish, though. It also contains proteins and the B vitamins. Poached or baked mullet is beneficial to seniors, especially to those suffering from atherosclerosis. Mullet inhibits coastal waters of warm seas like the Mediterranean […]

Fried Mozzarella

Mozzarella is a fresh, soft, non-boiled cheese, which is produced out of buffalo whole milk (which is better) or cow milk. Fresh mozzarella has a short storage time, about four to five days after being produced. Mozzarella is prepared the following way: in order to quicken the formation of clot (no more than one hour), […]

How to Cook Stewed Artichokes

Artichoke is actually a flower bud with large fleshy scales. Artichoke is considered a culinary delicacy and it is also a strong aphrodisiac that makes you feel better and boosts your libido. Artichokes have an amazing, incomparable taste. While artichokes are real yummy, they are a very healthy food rich in sodium and

Precious Ice-Cream

Bruster’s Ice Cream has put the most expensive ever, but absolutely uneatable ice-cream up for sale. It is reported that would-be owner of $1 million diamond “cone” will get a true work of art and will help poor children. This “ice-cream” was created by jewelers at Lazare Kaplan International Inc. They incrusted it with 22 […]

White Truffles

A traditional Festival of white truffles took place in San Miniato, Italy, a town, which has been known as the town of white truffles for a long time. Ten years ago exactly here was found the largest truffle in the world, which weighed 2,5 kg. The season of truffle harvest is the second half of […]

Parmesan cheese

Parmesan (the original brand name is Parmigiano Reggiano) is the most famous Italian cheese in the world. The name of this cheese originated from its producing provinces in Emilia-Romagna region such as Parma, Reggio-Emilia and Modena as well as in the provinces of Mantua (strictly on the right bank of the river Po), Bologna (strictly […]


The cacao tree which seeds are actually used for making chocolate is a tropical plant growing in a band sometimes called “Cocoa Belt”. The cacao trees are shade-loving and grow best with some overhead shade. Cultivated plantations are located at elevations of around 400-600 m (1300-2000 ft). The cacao tree strives in fertile soil with […]

Nutrition and Diet for Pregnant Women

First of all, pregnant women should eat a balanced diet, because the mother’s diet influences a lot the development of the baby. This is why you should include proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a particular proportion to your diet. The most important are surely proteins, which play a role of the “construction materials” for the […]


Kiwifruit is a high climber plant with beautiful white and pink flowers resembling the rose. Its fruits have a very thin peel and a flesh with rows of small black seeds inside. Kiwifruit appeared about hundred years ago. It was named after a little bird kiwi, which, though it has a long beak, absolutely cannot […]

Persimmon Health Benefits

Persimmons originated in China. Then, the fruit extended to other parts of East Asia and was later cultivated in Japan. It was only at the end of XIX century that persimmons had become known worldwide. The persimmon contains almost twice as much dietary fiber and useful trace elements as the apple does. Also, the fruit […]

Grilled Gilthead Seabream

This dainty fish has a variety of names worldwide. Italians call it orata. In USA, it is known as gilthead seabream. It is dorada in Spanish and dorade royale in French. The gilthead seabream is common along the Eastern Atlantic coats and in the Mediterranean Sea. This fish was well-known as early


Pomegranate is considered to be native to Persia. Pomegranate is one of the most ancient fruits known to people. It was always popular in the Near and the Middle East. The word “pomegranate” derives from “pomum” (“apple”) and “granatus” (“seeded”). This has influenced the common name for pomegranate in many languages. Under the thick skin […]

Carrot Salad

Carrot salad is very healthy, because carrots are rich in carotene and contains antioxidants, which protect us from premature aging. Apples contain a lot of iron, garlic is a nature antibiotic. This is why this salad should be added to the diet of children with poor health to improve the immunity. By the way, it […]


Everybody loves homemade patties. They are rich and nourishing. It is best to use fresh meat cuts, necks for example. Necks are soft and tender. It is advisable to mix ground pork and beef together, as they work well with each other. It is healthier this way as you get more vitamins, minerals and protein. […]


Artichoke is a perennial plant, which grows in the Mediterranean (here grow about 10 varieties of artichoke) and on Canary Islands. Two principal edible varieties of artichokes are called Cardon, or the Spanish artichoke, and sowing, or the thorny artichoke. This plant blooms in summer and looks similar to thistle, it grows up to 0,5 […]