Scientists Nurture Cold Hardy Grapefruit

 GrapefruitWe have already told about grapefruit health benefits in our previous articles. Grapefruit is a dietary and healing fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals. This fabulous fruit is a natural remedy for cardiovascular disease, liver disorders and even helps insomnia. Recently, Japanese gardeners have selected a new cold hardy grapefruit. It is as tasty and healthy as grapefruits grown outside Japan in subtropics.

A new sort was called “Saga Ruby”. Saga Rudy is a hybrid of grapefruit and royal tangerine. Experiments have been conducted since 1985 and the fist lot of new hardy grapefruit will be available in stores in May.

Until recently Japan imported grapefruit mostly from the USA. And the fruit has not been cultivated even in the southern parts of Japan. This new hardy cultivar is likely to grow even in the north regions that will make it more available throughout the world.