Tuna Salad

Ingredients for Tuna Sala

This salad made with canned and fresh foods is nutritionally well-balanced. Its taste is very unusual and just awesome. Tuna is exceptionally rich is polyunsaturated acids and tomatoes provide carotene. What’s more, tomatoes are beneficial for men’s health, protecting against the prostate gland disorders. Green onion, cucumbers and fennel contain chlorophyll. It requires no fuss in the kitchen so you can make it fast if guests call on unexpectedly. Try it for yourself as the salad is so tasty and soft.

Ingredients for Tuna Salad

150 g canned tuna
100 g canned corn
3 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
50 g green onion
Salt and fennel to taste
3 tablespoons olive mayo

Recipe of Tuna Salad

  • Mash tuna pieces with a fork.
  • Combine with canned corn.
  • Finely chop green onion, fennel, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Mix everything and add salt to taste.
  • Dress with mayo and mix again.
  • Let stand for 30 minutes.
  • Garnish with greens, cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Serve.

Tuna Salad