Vegetarianism Is Bad for the Brain

It is in vogue now to stay away from meat and join the ranks of vegetarians. Vegetarian diets become increasingly popular. Many people think it is panacea for all woes, never giving a thought to far-reaching effects of this way of dieting.

The latest research of Oxford scientists assures us that vegetarianism is not so healthy as it was regarded before. Doctors are worrying that meals poor in animal foods are debilitating the immunodefence. It is no secret that absolute vegetarians are not receiving enough of very important vitamins, microelements and amino acids.

Protein deficiency leads to a weakened immune system and problems in all natural reactions in the body. But it is only the beginning. Scientists draw attention to the fact that В12 vitamin deficiency (it is of animal origin) causes changes in the blood and harms the central nervous system. This vitamin is very important; it can be found in beef in most quantities, beef liver being especially rich in it. There it is most agreeable for digestion.

Scientists have supervised the health of a big group of vegetarians for five years. They came up with the fact that almost all of the tested individuals had their brain functions reduced with the passing of time. Brain activity got slowed down, the memory and the brain’s cognitive abilities were impaired and weakened considerably. Besides, tomograms showed decrease in brain volume and weight. All these negative changes were especially marked in seniors who have been observing vegetarianism for many years.

Doctors urge that meals should be balanced and it is not healthy to stay away from animal foods at all. It does not make you healthier nor your lifespan becomes any longer. Even if you stay away from meat you should not exclude fish, seafood, eggs, milk, cheese and eat poultry meat at least once in a while.

Balanced Food Is the Most Useful

Balanced Food Is the Most Useful