Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Every part of the earth has its own type of salt. The most famous is sodium chloride and sea salt. The water from seas or salt lakes gathers in salt marshes and evaporates. Thus, we get salt, which is then washed, cleaned and often treated with chemicals to prevent moisture absorption, adhesion, and also to maintain unnatural whiteness.

Millions of years ago, with the appearance of numerous mountain ranges, wide sea mirrors were trapped on the mainland. Gradually, water evaporated, leaving salt with all the nutrients contained in it. This is how pink salt originated. Himalayan salt is very old, free of toxins and pollutants. This type of salt is the purest produced on the planet.
Pink Himalayan salt is very different from usual sodium chloride. It is really a valuable resource, being rich in minerals, which usual salt is devoid of. Among them, iron is especially appreciated. It gives the salt its characteristic pink color.

This salt is not subjected to any bleaching processes. That is why it is colored in different shades of pink and reddish.

Himalayan salt is pure, like when it originated in the soil millions of years ago. It is only washed to remove dust and residue, and packed.

This kind of salt has a special taste, significantly improving the taste of food. And at the same time it is not very salty, since it has 84 other trace elements needed by our body, apart from sodium chloride, in the right proportions.

Useful Properties of Pink Himalayan Salt

  • The control of water level in the body and regulation so as to ensure proper operation of all organs.
  • Stimulation pH stable balance cells, including the brain.
  • It helps reduce the common signs of aging.
  • Improves nutrient absorption capacity present in the food, all along the intestine.
  • It improves breathing and circulation.
  • Reduces the cramps.
  • It increases bone strength.
  • Kidney health improves, compared with common salt.
  • It promotes better sleep.

Himalayan salt is not the only seasoning.

Alternative ways to use Himalayan pink salt

Salt Lamps

  • In simple words, the air has a negative and positive ions are responsible for the electrostatic charge of environmental protection. If they are in equilibrium with each other, we feel good and breathe well. But if one of the two charges predominates, there may be various problems, such as irritability, sleepiness, headache. Household appliances, TV, radio, computer during use emit too many positive ions.
    And salt lamps emit negative ions, balancing them, and making a pleasant atmosphere. The therapeutic effect of salt has long been recognized. It is known, for example, that fresh air in the salt caves, good for asthma, weakness of the lungs, and even skin diseases

Salt Cushions

  • They can be used at room temperature but exhibit its maximum capacity, when using hot: in case of shock, deformation, cramps, joint pain, back and neck. They are very useful for dry heat, which quickly dissolves pain.